Big Mountain Kerio Email Setup

To setup your computer with your Big Mountain Kerio Email please follow these steps:


  1. Go to your webmail page, either or
  2. Sign in using your full email address and your password.
  3. Once signed in, click on your name on the upper right corner (if your webmail is grey click the Settings button).
  4. Choose "Integration with Mac".
  5. A new window will open up.
  6. Click Set up my Mac.
  7. An installer will download to your computer.  By default it will go into your Downloads folder (unless you've changed this preference in your web browser).
  8. Run the Kerio Setup tool installer. If you are prompted that it can not run because it's an unidentified developer, right click (or ctrl-click) on the installer and click Open.
  9. Follow the on screen prompts until another pop-up asks what you want to setup.
  10. You can choose what to setup - either Apple Mail, iCal, Address Book, Outlook or Entourage depending on what's installed on your computer.  You should not choose all the options.
  11. Once it's finished open your Email program of choice and your mail will download.
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