What is needed for Email Phoenix to work?

You need the following:

  • Your source server – the one running Kerio Connect currently.
  • A licensed copy of Email Phoenix.
  • A backup server running Linux, Mac, or Windows with a copy of Kerio Connect installed, but the Kerio Connect service turned off. You will need root access to the Mac or Linux versions. For Windows please read the question related to “How do I setup Windows for SSH?”.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Email Phoenix, you will be prompted to enter the IP address and root password of your backup server. If you are going to use a Windows backup server just enter anything and let the script fail the first time. Once the script has closed, in the Email Phoenix application enter in your backup server IP, the Kerio Connect folder on the source server, and the OS of the remote server:


Click GO!

If you are using Windows, the Email Phoenix application will say permission denied and rerun the script – this time use the proper IP and winroot password. Once GO! has been clicked you can close the application as the ’emailphoenixservice’ will be running.

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